About Me Page from Simply By HeartBeing A Mom Doesn’t Mean You Have To Stop Being Yourself

Have you ever found yourself admiring how other moms can manage a household, seem super organized, and find time to DIY/craft pretty cool things? I know that I have!

This Is Your Resource For Everything Mom & Crafty

If you are looking for a way to manage mom life and create things that bring joy to yourself and others, you’re in the right place. Simply By Heart is a collection of mom advice, organization tips, and crafting/DIY information.

You will find that most of the craft tutorials are quick and simple because I know how busy life can be. They will still be super cute for gifting or displaying around the house.

The printables available in my resource library will help you keep track of those little things that may slip through the cracks as well as find ways to organize the major tasks of everyday life.

jasmine Eboigbe at Simply By Heart dot com

My Story

After having two children within two years, I was more than overwhelmed. Add to that the feeling that I was constantly battling for something because I no longer had time to be crafty and spend alone time creating. Things worsened and I no longer felt like myself. I felt defeated. After a while, I started back to work full-time. Yep, something else added to the plate. How would I ever start to feel like myself again with everything that I was now responsible for? I considered selling off all of my crafting tools and just forgetting about it, but my husband insisted that I make myself a priority more often and would not let me just get rid of everything without taking more time to think it through. I’m am so thankful to have such a supportive partner.

That is about the time that I decided to start up Simply By Heart. There needed to be a place online for other moms, with similar struggles, to come for quick solutions that would fit into their busy lives. Because if I have learned anything in my few short seasons as a mom, I have learned that you can’t give up on being yourself. You have to make time for you, even if that means taking just 15 minutes each day to create.