Get Free Gift Cards for Amazon, Target, and Starbucks Every Month

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How I Get Free Amazon, Target, and Starbucks Gift Cards Every Month

Do you enjoy cruising the aisles of Target or reward yourself with something from Amazon Prime? Maybe they’re just two of your favorite places to shop. Add in your favorite drink from Starbucks and you have the perfect shopping day.

Free is Great!

Buying things from any of these places adds up. $20 here or $5.95 for a Grande beverage there and you can easily blow through a couple hundred dollars a month. This didn’t fit into our budget, so I found ways to add to the budget. Here is a list of ways that I get free gift cards to enjoy some of my favorite places. 

Get Free Gift Cards

1. Shop Kick – this is an app that I’ve used for years. Each time I am running errands, I open the app as soon as I enter the store. It gives me ‘kicks’ (points) that add up for me to redeem for free gift cards. I also have linked my debit or credit cards to it in the past and earned points for purchased. I’ve earned free gift cards to Starbucks, Sephora, Ulta, and Target gift cards for just remembering to open the app. You can also earn kicks in the store by scanning products and answering survey questions. I have done this on occasion but not often. Here is a link for you to sign up and download the app. 

2. Ebates – as I mentioned, I shop online with Amazon often. But, I also shop online for so many other things. Oh my gosh, I can remember a time that people didn’t want to shop online for fear of their information being stolen. Ohhh, that made me feel old. Anyway, whenever I’m making a purchase online, I first click through Ebates. It gives me a percentage of my purchase back that I can then use to redeem for free gift cards. Ebate also gives me the option for money to be credited to my PayPal account or to receive a gift card of my choice. They do not get any of my personal information, just the information about my purchase total. Signing up for the first time, I received a free $10 gift card for Target after clicking through the site to make a purchase for the first time. I received over $50 cash back after clicking through Ebates when I purchased our mattress set. Best. Deal. Ever.

3. TopCashBack – I wouldn’t be a good comparison shopper if I didn’t mention this one. It is the same concept as Ebates. You go to and click through to make a purchase. I’ve used this site when they offer a higher cash back percentage. They also give you the option of deciding when you want to cash out your earnings for a gift card. It’s really pretty simple to get a free gift card. Just be careful not to use any coupon codes that are credited to other affiliates. It will impact your cash back on the purchase. After clicking through the site you will receive your cash back reward quickly and then be able to redeem in various amounts for free gift cards. 

4. Job Seeker – I found this app because I was using to search for job opportunities. Job Seeker is an app that gives you Amazon credit for taking pictures of help wanted signs. You can earn anywhere from a few cents to a couple of bucks for snapping photos or for reviewing photos that others have shared. I’ve been able to pick up a few odds and ends on Amazon thanks to this app. You can earn quite a bit and help out job seekers. Win, win!

5. Ibotta – When I have the time, I’ll use this app while I’m preparing for my grocery trip or weekend errands. The app requires you to load deals to your account and then snap a picture of your receipt as proof of purchase for items. You get cash back from your your purchases and they give you the money in a the form of cash or a free gift card. I haven’t earned much from Ibotta, but I know several people that do. It even works at JoAnn’s craft store. 

All of these apps require minimal time and effort. Most of them just ask that you take an extra step while doing something that you already were planning to do. As you can see, I’ve received several gift cards and I only use the apps occasionally. I’m going to make an extra effort to use them over the holidays and share how much I was able to earn. Between buying gifts, holiday meal purchases, and traveling – I think it may offset some of the added cost of the season. 

Do you use any other these apps already? Are there any additional apps or websites that you use to earn free gift cards? Share in the comments. 

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  1. GREAT SITE!!!! I am a seasoned Mom, but I wish there was a site like this when I was a new mom. I really liked your tips on how to get free gift cards and the DIY tips!!!

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